Sunday, 29 December 2019

Being a Bridesmaid at my cousins wedding

On the 21st September, my cousin got married and what a wonderful and amazing day it was. The wedding took place at Stoke Place Hotel (Buckinghamshire), such a gorgeous and stunning venue to have your wedding. Anyone looking for a venue for your wedding, I would highly recommend this as a contender and considering to view the venue itself.

Prior to having heard some family members say that the venue looked like a barn yard where the reception would take place and for that money not worth it. I would highly disagree and think it’s a wonderful venue to have your wedding. The whole venue and place itself is huge and so many places to wonder off to like the spacious outdoor area or the different separate bars and many more.

A photos of a bit of the drive way and view from the front of venue:

Photo of the inside back garden/ outside of  the venue:

After the wedding ceremony, we all arrived at the stunning venue and when we arrived we were directed to a hall way room entrance full of champagne and then headed outside to mingle. Shortly after the photographer took the bride, bridesmaids including me, the groom and groomsmen to snap some photos, which did take a rather long time. After that it was all the brides and grooms family to take photos. 

Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen:

Bridesmaids and Bride: 

Lucky when we got back they had some little snacks like canap├ęs served for you to help yourself. By this point I think everyone was getting hungry and waiting to get into the reception. So having some snacks, whilst we waited was ideal.

Finally everyone inside for the food and speeches and seeing the actual hall where it all took place looked amazing and very nicely decorated. We had a mixture of Polish and Nigerian dishes in the form of a buffet style. I found this to be a great idea as always you will find someone at such an event still hungry and if so they could go help themselves to a second serving of the food and given the choice with the variety of food, no one could possibly go hungry and not find something that they don’t like.

Inside the reception and where the evening took place for dances too:

After the food, it was time for the speeches from the groom himself and best man. I must say I did find the best man trying to get some attention on himself despite it not being his big day and that did sort of ruin the speech itself in my opinion.

So speeches done and everyone was asked to leave and wait outside in the other room or outside whilst they moved some of the tables around and placed a dance floor. I could tell some people just wanted to be inside already and when finally in the music was playing and everyone taking their seats. It was time for the brides and grooms dance.

Brides and grooms first dance: 

Towards the end of the brides and grooms dance and towards the end everyone just joins in and the celebration continue until the cutting of the cake which is done in the other room where the champagne was which now had cakes and everyone could help hem selves to.

The bride and groom then cut the cake and after the celebrates continued with great music and lots of fun and they even had some food in the evening which of course was help yourself to and few drinks on the table like Vodka. That was a nice gesture to do for everyone and have few bottles of alcohol on the table.

I can officially say this has been one of the best wedding I have been too. Great music, nice food in a stunning venue. I even managed to meet some new faces and get tipsy towards the end of the night. I would love to attend this event agin if I could.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

My holiday in Paphos

Hello Cyprus again. I am back and this time , this year I went to the other side of Cyprus, Paphos.

Now I can compare the both parts of Cyprus, Paphos and Ayia Napa. Well this is not exactly why I am writing this post but if I get any chance to say a little about both parts I will and hopefully this will help you decide which part to visit of planning to book a holiday in Cyprus.

I must say, I am rather sad to be back to the typical English weather. I do very much miss the warm sunny weather and no care in the world days just eating, tanning, visiting places, enjoying the cocktail by the pool and walks down the beach. I know for a fact I couldn’t live in Cyprus and it’s much more fun coming over and being the tourist for a short time.

Whilst being away I spent most my days by the pool sunbathing and drinking cocktails and walks by the beach.

I enjoyed the warm sun and different climate. Yes it was rather hot but I can say not exactly as hot as the other side of Cyprus , Ayian Napa very close to Nissie beach and even in the evening and at night it was just as hot as during the day whereas in Paphos I could easily wear trousers and a top and feel fine. When I mean trousers I mean those lose summery ones or crop type trousers. No way would I have wanted to wear jeans or leggings in such heat.

Let’s be honest when booking this holiday it was a last minute booking and with the dates my sister could only get off, we had to book what was available. The hotel Crown Horizon was not exactly a typical hotel we have recently stayed in and when we arrived my first thought was we will have to enjoy and make the most of it no matter what, if worse comes to it but I can officially say it wasn’t as bad as it looked on arrival. 

Photos of hotel: 

The hotel is not the biggest hotel however it’s also not the smallest as I have seen much smaller ones compared to the one we stayed in. One of the good things about the hotel was the pool, especially the bar in the pool and you could drink any sort of drink all over the big pool. I can say from my experience, not all hotels allow this and a lot even tell you off when sitting and drinking by the side of the pool. 

I can also say that the pool is not super deep which is another good thing. You could easily have a swim if you wanted and still be able to touch the ground and walk around. Ideal for someone sort like me, haha. Did I mention the hotel had an indoor pool, sauna, steam room, gym as well as a kids club for the younger ones. 

I also liked the fact that you could eat from the snack bar once you ordered your food practically anywhere and who doesn’t like to have a little snack by the pool whilst sunbathing. Whilst the main restaurant had some nice dishes cooked and a variety to choose from. 

There is a beach near by with a sort walk just under 5 minutes where you can have a lovely walk, simply just enjoy the breeze and tan on the lounges, splash in the sea and if your feeling more adventurous and want something different to do then you can book one of the many varieties of water sport activities like jet ski, banana boat, hire a boat to paddle and many other water sports.  It was a lovely sandy beach with clear blue water, yet the Nissie Bay beach  in Ayian Napa has slightly more clearer water and the sand was much more golden there with the beach being roughly similar in size . Ok maybe just a tiny bit bigger but that didn’t change how nice the beach was here still. 

The entertainment was good however a few things could have been done to improve it. They had a mini disco for the kids which is great for the little one. After that was over they would have bingo and a lot of people played but as the week went on it got a bit boring playing bingo every night and I would maybe change it up to make it more exciting rather than having bingo on every single night. So bingo over and every night they would either have quite night, games night, karaoke or different people come in to preform some sort of show like the Cyprian dancers. I can say they try their best to keep you, keep us guest entertained but the down fall is all the entertainment does end pretty early and your left to entertain yourself. Well for some that ain’t a problem because there are bars and clubs literally straight outside as you leave the hotel from the back and you could enjoy yourself there. For those who didn’t fancy it or simply liked the fact of the all inclusive would just be chilling and talking to music or maybe playing a card game basically whoever they felt like with music playing by the host. 

During our stay we meet some lovely people which made our stay rather present knowing you could chill with someone else if you wanted. Saying this we practically tend to meet people on every holiday we go on so this is just another one of them where you meet and get to know someone whilst being aboard. 

Over all the price we paid, I can say this holiday wasn’t too bad, like any other holiday it has it’s up and downs. 

Monday, 22 April 2019

OOTD details No.4

 I hope you all had a lovely Long Weekend and Bank Holiday Monday. Mine has been great, and on Bank Holiday I was in the beloved City Centre of London. I hired the Boris Bike also known as the Santander Cycles and traveled by that form of transport instead of my usual car journey and walk to London or the train and tube around London. It was a fun and different day for me, not only did I get some exercise along the way, I also got to see the beautiful sights as I cycled from one area of London to the next.

Today I would like to show you the Outfit Of The Day which I wore during this day out as well as some of the sights and scenery of few places in London which I saw and visited along the day. I hope you enjoy this post and have a nice rest of the week ahead :)

You can also see my last OOTD details No.2 and OOTD details No.1 Post by clicking on both post titles across the text.

Outfit details: White Jumper (Zara Last Year), Rose Gold Metallic Panel Backpack (New Look), Blue Extreme Ripped Skinny Jenna Jeans (New Look), Pink Glitter Eyelash Phone Case (New Look), Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch.

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 26 Monogram Review

Just before Christmas, I thought I would treat myself ad by a present from myself to myself. I bought another Louis Vuitton goodie to my small collection which is growing. It was one of the cheaper cost items on the end of Louis Vuitton, and without that small extra income from my online business, I wouldn't be able to treat myself to this small beauty because there were many other spending's like presents for the family, chipping in to the Christmas food with mum and many more spending's. I feel lucky to have been shown this opportunity that allows me to work towards my dreams and goals. 
I would like to welcome home my new small leather beauty and  introduce to you guys my very own Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 26 in Monogram print which arrived in this beautiful box:

I know its not a huge amount of money compared to some of there other pricy items, I would still however had to wait a little longer to treat myself and now due to this business I am thankful to God I was able to treat myself earlier.  It has been an item on my wish list for quite some time and every time I wanted to purchase it, I kept telling myself not to spend that amount of money on a small item because I could use that money to buy more items then the one or pay off some of my bills with the money I dont have. Now that I haven't put the purchase off, I can finally put it off my wish list and start using this gorgeous small leather Toiletry Pouch 26 Monogram Clutch

I love the fact that the dust bag for this Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 26 Monogram clutch is exactly the right size for the Toiletry pouch 26 and allows me to keep the pouch protected from any dirt or scratches.  

I have noticed a lot of people buy these bags to make extra money back on eBay or Depop selling these bags for £150 more or even double because they are so popular that they become out of stock very quickly before any future stock is added. This is something I will however not be doing for a long time as I bought this bag to use for myself and do not think it will go out of fashion any time soon. 
 I was lucky enough to find it online when I wanted to buy it. I looked back a few days later to only find once again they are out of stock and for those wanting to buy it, will now be waiting rather a long time before any stock comes available again due to the demand on the bag and price of an Louis Vuitton item. 

The pouch is one of the biggest sizes available and fits a lot although it is a smaller bag. In my pouch I was able to fit my keys, small wallet, mobile phone, small brush and some makeup pieces. I know it is in the same monogram pattern as my speedy 30 but it is the most stylish design going in the Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch and I love how it looks. I use it to go out during the day or evening, if I need a smaller bag instead of a big bag. 

I would love to hear what bag you have had on your mind for while or maybe a bag you have just bought and are excited about or maybe your view on this bag itself. So feel free to post your comments below :)

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Powder Beauty Drawer Review

Amazing what you can get in some of these beauty boxes/ Drawers and for the price. You sometimes buy a well-branded beauty product for a similar price for getting many branded products within one beauty box / Drawer.

Just as I take the photos I realise two item (the Model Launcher Safari Bronzer and the Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste) are missing from the box and guess where I find them in my sisters draw and cupboard, so for that reason I haven't added them to the photos above because I only found them afterwards. So sorry about this!! I seem to find that every time I buy makeup or some sort of skin care stuff they go missing to them find them being taken by own very sister, however if I did that it would be a whole big deal made out of it. 

Anyways enough of me telling you some of my life story, lets get back to the real reason why you guys are here reading the post. 
Inside this Winter Edition, the Powder Beauty Drawer I received some fabulous beauty items:

A Nip + Fab Hydrate - Dragon's Blood Fix Plump Serum. It was the first time I used this product and have found that it works wonders on my skin and I will, therefore, be buying this product alone after using it.  The Plump Serum left my skin feeling less plumped and smoother right from the very first application of the serum.

I also got a Dr Botanical Antichoke Superfood Firming Night Moisturiser. I must admit that this is the first time I have ever heard if the beauty brand 'Dr Botanical' and after using this Firming Night Moisturiser, I can say that my skin feeling smooth and softer.

From the collection fresh, I got a Soy Face Cleanser. It does exactly what it states on the product itself. The Soy Face Cleanser Cleaned my face and eyes after a few applications and uses of the product well enough to say it is a good cleanser product.

This is a good product to get within my Beauty Drawer which also means it saves me money on going to buy one. I bet your all wondering what product this could. Well its a Show Beauty Premiere Working Texture Spray Tan 250ml. Us girls love a fake tan for heading out to the club, pub, some cocktails or simply to just look tanned or give our skin some extra glow. I have not yet used the spray tan and therefore I can not tell you guy whether or not this brand of spray tan is good or not. Maybe after using it I can give a separate review on the tan if any of you would like, just let me know in the comments section.

Oh is it not fabulous, when you get new makeup pieces, girls? I find it always somewhat exciting and in this Winter Edition Beauty Drawer I received a Model Launcher Safari Bronzer Full Size, saved me money not having to go out and buy a bronzer. I, however, do not feel very keen on this product and find that there are several better bronzers that could have been included inside the Beauty Box. This is because it didn't last on my skin too long. When I applied the bronzer itself it did look good on my skin and I did not apply too much compared to some of the other ones I used. Having said this, the bronzer might look and last differently on different people and their types of skin. You can never be sure of something like this until you try it out for yourself.

Another three pieces of makeup I got inside the Beauty Drawer were 3INA - Eyeliner Pencil, Smashbox - Lipstick and NilsInc Nail Varnish.

Let's talk about the 3INA - The Eyeliner Pencil. Once again this is a brand I have never heard of. To me, this product works just like most other eyeliners out there and  I personally couldn't see much difference after application. I did feel when applying the Eyeliner it was easy to apply and use which is always a good factor when it comes to buying or deciding on which makeup product to use from which brand.

Now on to the Smashbox Lipstick in Shade; Be Legendary Crimson Chrome. This lipstick is very bright in colour and feels lovely as you apply the product to your lips. I do although feel that after application, the lipstick felt very watery on my lips.  The Smashbox Lipstick did stay on my lips for a good few hours before I had to apply it again. I would say this is one of these lipsticks where you either love the liquidy effect of the lipstick or not as such.

Thirdly is the NailInc Nail Varnish which I totally love and would pay out to have more different variates of colourd to use of this nail varnish. I just love how quick the nail varnish dries and how long the nail varnish last before it starts cracking or peeling off. It is now another nail varnish brand that I love and will continue to use.

As well as getting all the products I stated above, inside was a 5ml tester of Tiffany Eau De Perfume. Despite the fact its so small and doesn't last after one use, it still smells good and is great to get in the Beauty Drawer especially for those who have never tried the perfume before.

I also got two Pukka Tea bags (Relax and Revitalise). I am kind of excited to try these two different tea flavours. I will defiantly have the relax one today before I hit bed and hope like the taste. I will save the other tea bag flavour for another day.

The last beauty product inside the Powder Beauty Drawer is the Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste 14ml only. I would say that this toothpaste is a great toothpaste, leaving my teeth feeling clean, fresher and whiter. I would recommend this toothpaste to use on a daily basis if you want to achieve and have better teeth when you smile.

With getting my first Powder Beauty Drawer and seeing and using the beauty products inside, I would willingly go and get another Beauty Box to use by them, knowing that they have some good quality beauty products inside, No doubt!  

Saturday, 10 November 2018

My 2nd Wedding attending as a guestt and what I wore

On 2nd September, this year,  I was invited to a lovely and beautiful wedding of my sisters boyfriend's mum and stepdad. The wedding took place at Elvetham Hotel (Fleet), such a beautiful place, and stunning venue to have your wedding. I would highly recommend considering this venue if anyone is planning a wedding anytime soon or in the near future.

We arrived at the gorgeous venue around 2.00pm where we made our way inside to find a lovely welcoming canvas stand before the entrance:

Once inside the Elevetham Hotel venue, we were able to sign into the guestbook and print our fingerprint on the wedding tree canvas stand, post cards in the letterbox and put your presents into an area to leave before officially seeing the whole decorations and feeling the atmosphere. I must say I loved every bit of the brides and grooms choices. The venue looked amazingly stunning and I wouldn't fault any of the decorations and how the place looked at all.

A photo from one of the decorations outside the hallway:

So once everyone had arrived we went in for the wedding reception which I must say was also very pretty and stunningly decorated, nicer then I had actually thought it would be for their style of choice. On top of  all this, the bridesmaids looked absolutely gorgeous.

The Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor and Bride.

After the wedding reception, we all went outside for champagne, the throwing of the flowers and some little snacks and music played by my sister and her boyfriend as the bridesmaids, maid of honor and bride took some photos. 

Some photos of the day outside:

By now everyone was starting to get hungry and waiting to hear when they could go in, to sit down for some food and speeches and when this was announced everyone headed through inside to a lovely table arrangement for all the guest. 

 Next up was the cutting of the cake and tasting back outside in the hallway and a self-help coffee and tea, little treats around the hallway like biscuits and chocolates. 

Here it comes the moment most people have been excited to attend the after the ceremony to see the brides and groom dance and party with a few drinks till the night is over. 

I am very grateful to have attended and got the chance to celebrate this couples big day Mr. and Mrs. Biggerstuff. What a great couple and they truly deserve to have a long and happy life together. May God bless them and their family. 

My Dress from: Asos - Design Premium Sculptured Raffle Midi Prom Dress - £65 - Link -